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The Original AYABIE Community
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The Original Ayabie Community

Welcome to the AYABIE fan community!
(the former Ayabie/アヤビエ/彩冷える Community)

Band Bio
Ayabie (アヤビエ) was formed in May of 2004 in Tokyo, Japan a visual indie band with Speed Disk. The band was put together from former Hinawana guitarists Ryohei & Takehito, bassist Intetsu, & former Cynical Biscuit & MASK vocalist Aoi. Without a full time drummer the band played with support drummers until October 1st, 2005, the date when Kenzo joined. Shortly after their first European tour in 2006, their guitarist & primary composer Ryohei (涼)平 decided to leave the band. He was soon replaced by Yumehito (夢人) & the band officially changed their name from アヤビエ to 彩冷える. In 2009 Ayabe became a major rock band, changing their label to Tokuma Japan Communication, a popular label for J-pop artists. In August 2010 they decided to disband due to “musical differences”. Directly after the disbandment of 彩冷える, it was announced that a new band was formed by the members, but without vocalist Aoi, who wanted a solo career.

AYABIE was formed September 17th, 2010 of the four members from the disbanded band 彩冷える. Yumehito (夢人) on vocals & guitar, Takehito (タケヒト) on guitar, Intetsu (インテツ) on bass, & KENZO on drums. On September 17, the new band’s website was launched, & they also announced the band name, AYABIE. The name stylized uppercase & in Latin letters not to be confused with their previous disbanded band 彩冷える.

DEATHBIE is the alter ego band of AYABIE. Originally formed in early 2008 shortly after Yumehito joined 彩冷える, DEATHBIE made sparse live appearances playing mainly heavy songs from the bands days as アヤビエ. Often dressing as members of famous metal bands such as Moi Dix Moi and Dir En Grey or simply in their own style of gothic, DEATHBIE performances appeared alongside 彩冷える ones consistently until their major debut with Tokuma Japan in 2009. At this point, DEATHBIE disappeared and did not re-emerge until the announcement of AYABIE’s major debut in 2011 when they announced that DEATHBIE would make their return with their first ever officially recorded single and PV,「潜血のMARIYA」(senketsu no MARIYA) .

The members of DEATHBIE often change name and appearance apart from ringleader Kuroboshi, whose catch phrase is 「暗黒の世界へ...ようくそ...」(Welcome... to the world of darkness....).

Community Rules.Official Links
-media sharing allowed but must be locked to members only
-requests allowed but only for specific songs/videos/magazines
-don't repost material from the community without the post owners permission
-use lj cuts on heavy photo or video posts, 300px+ behind a cut please
-please be polite (dont say anything to others you wouldn't wanna hear etc etc)
-HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT INTRO POSTS? I feel like they should be permitted but only if they contain some kind of reference to the band, favorite pictures or videos etc.
-- Blogs --
Yumehito - 四日市市民大作戦
Takehito - タケヒトプロデュース
Intetsu - ひみつインテツ

-- Twitter --
Yumehito - yume0922
Takehito - ayabie_takehito
Intetsu - himitu_intetsu
Deathbie - DEATHBIE


Old Ayabie OHP
Aoi's OHP



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