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AYABIE Community
15th-Jun-2012 01:28 pm(no subject)
Hello everyone!
Im selling Ayabie hand-signed autographs!
Aoi Dramatic
It appears that Aoi has started a new project called "168 -one sixty eight-"

Their first FC-live will be held at 2012/06/17 and the support members for that live will be

Gt. Yuki (Aucifer, DUSTAR-3)
Gt. Takehito (AYABIE)
Ba. Naoki (ex. Kagrra,)
Dr. Teruki (An Cafe)

and their first one-man live will be 2012/07/29 at Akasaka BLITZ.

Their first single will be called  雪月花 (Setsugekka) and will be released 2012/08/08.

More Details under the cut!

CUT!Collapse )

8th-May-2012 01:26 pm - Another Niconico post
I just found out that AYABIE will be guests on V-on with D=out on the 14th (next Monday). Broadcast starts at 20:00 JST, doors open at 19:50, timeshift page is here.
16th-Apr-2012 08:54 pm - 彩冷える Reunion
彩冷える (!!!) will perform at AREA 15th anniversary live at Zepp Tokyo on 29th June 2012.

The bands line up will be:

Vo. Aoi
Gt. Yumehito
Gt. Takehito
Ba. Intetsu


;____________; too happy for words right now...
12th-Feb-2012 04:57 pm(no subject)
백현[exo] - no agree

I'm selling a SIGNED 2007 euro tour poster HERE! :)
31st-Jan-2012 11:56 pm - Sale
I'm selling Ayabie poster from Neo Genesis for 2€
31st-Jan-2012 12:39 pm - selling some stuff
i'm still selling some things from my lovely collection because i need money^^
here are the things i'm selling^^ all made in japan!!! All prices are negotiable^^ tell me if you need some pictures^^


2 Men's Spider vol. 16 and 17 both from last year spring/summer, best condition! just read it once^^ each 20 Euro

Kera dec. 2010 vol. 148 best condition! 15 Euro
DVD's :

Ayabie Tokyo Prayer Tour Final 2005 autographed by all members!!! 40 Euro

Ayabie Toyko Rock Show Tour Final 2006 autographed by all members!!! 40 euro

Ayabie Tour 2007 (sry don't know the name^^) 30 Euro

Baroque Last Live 175 min running time!!! 17 Euro

Distraught overlord Embrace at distraught first one man (my favorite dvd ever<,<) 35 Euro

Wizard Film Wizard Electrical Kama Parade 2007 Tour 20 Euro

CD's :

Alice Nine Alpha Ltd Edition with Photobook and DvD 30 Euro

Ayabie Cubic (L/R)ock Single with Kenzo Photocard and DvD 15 Euro

D'espairsRay BORN Mini Album (very rare!!!) give me an offer if you interested!

LMC Glitter Loud Box Album 15 Euro

High Style Paradox III Compilation Album for european fans from Undercode Productions 13 Euro

12012 Heart Single 8 Euro

12012 Pistol Single 8 Euro

Other Stuff:

12012 CROON AFTER THE BED Postcard Book give me an offer if you interested!
13th-Dec-2011 01:32 am - AYABIE comes to A-Kon 23!
AYABIE will be A-kon 23's headline act at the Friday Night Concert.

Babel Entertainment shared this info tonight via facebook.

21st-Nov-2011 05:43 pm - NEW SINGLE
Hi gaiz, 
I don't see a post about what I'm about to post, so here goes: 

AYABIE will release a new single on January 25th! Name? Merry-go-round!
As usual, because they want us to be poor, there will be three versions to this single.

Limited edition A

1 - Merry-go-round
2 - Blind
DVD: Merry-go-round PV

Limited edition B

1 - Merry-go-round
2 - Blind
DVD: Merry-go-round PV (TYPE B)

Regular edition

1 - Merry-go-round
2 - Blind
3 - Season

/o3o/ over and out ♥ 

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